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When you eat a fruit, think 
about the person 
who planted the tree.
--Vietnamese Proverb

With an apple
I will astonish Paris.
-- Paul Cezanne

Millions saw
the apple fall,
but Newton
was the one
who asked
-- Bernard M. Baruch


A book is a garden,
an orchard,
a storehouse,
a party, a company
by the way,
a counsellor,
a multitude of counsellors.
--Henry Ward Beecher

Even if I knew 
that tomorrow 
the world would go 
to pieces,
I would still plant my apple tree. 
-- Martin Luther

A seed hidden
in the heart
of an apple
is an orchard invisible.  
--Welsh Proverb

If you want to make
an apple pie
from scratch,
you must first
create the universe.
-- Dr Carl Sagan

Did perpetual happiness
in the Garden of Eden

maybe get so boring
that eating the apple
was justified?

-- Chuck Palahniuk